Psychologists in Melbourne

Medicare Rebates for Psychology Services

From 1st November 2006, some Psychological Therapy items became eligible provided they were part of a GP Mental Health Care Plan or a Psychiatric Assessment and Management Plan. To qualify for the rebate for these psychological services the client must have first been seen by a General Practitioner, Psychiatrist or Paediatrician and a written referral obtained. This referral must be given to the Psychologist at the first consultation. The rebate for a standard consultation with a Clinical Psychologist is $124.50 and a Generalist Psychologist is $84.80.

From 1st November 2011 changes to the funding of the Better Access to Mental Health Care program mean there will be a cut in the number of Medicare rebatable sessions with a psychologist. The below flyer outlines these changes. More detailed information about this program is available from the Australian Psychological Society website here.

Malvern Psychology Fee Schedule

The fee charged at Malvern Psychology varies depending on the nature of the psychological service provided.

The fee for a standard consultation of 55 minutes is $240.00.

The fee for a cognitive assessment with report is $600.00.

The fee for a full diagnostic assessment with report is $1020.00.

Medicare rebates for Autism and Asperger's Syndrome

From 1st July 2008, as part of the Federal Government's Helping Children with Autism package, a number of new Medicare Benefit Schedule (MBS) items were introduced specifically for children with Autism or any other Pervasive Developmental Disorder such as Asperger's Syndrome.  Psychology, Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy services are eligible for a Medicare rebate if they are provided as part of Diagnosis and/or PDD Treatment plan established only by a consultant Psychiatrist or Paediatrician.

For Diagnosis - the child must be under 13 years old and have been referred by a Paediatrician who has provided any MBS service covering items 110 through to 131, or a Psychiatrist who has provided any MBS service covering items 296 through to 370 (except item 359).  The Psychology, Speech or Occupational Therapy services are to be provided as part of the assessment process, and/or for the development of a Treatment Plan - it is limited to a total of four services per child provided by any combination of these therapists.  The rebate for one session with a Psychologist is $84.80. 

PDD Treatment Plan - the child must be under 15 years old and have been referred following preparation of a PDD Treatment Plan prior to their 13th birthday.  This plan can be prepared by a Paediatrician (MBS item 135) or a Psychiatrist (MBS item 289).  A total of 20 services will be eligible for the Medicare rebate - any combination of Psychology, Speech or Occupational Therapy.  The rebate for one session with a Psychologist is $84.80.

Please Note: Unfortunately some clients have attended a session at our clinic for either counselling or an assessment under the impression that their referral from either a Paediatrician or Psychiatrist was valid for this Medicare service.  When you visit your Health Professional please be very clear what you are seeking (see above) and ask them to write a referral letter stating exactly what type of Psychological service is required and to quote the item number so that we are able to bill you accordingly.

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